Online UPS TRI POWER X33T 10-30KVA


Alpha TRI-Power X33T Online Double Conversion UPS

Power: Input 3Phase/1Phase (400/230VAC), Output 3 Phase (400VAC), 50/60Hz.

Capacity: 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA & 30KVA Online UPS

Brand: ALPHA,  Origin: Canada.

(a Global Company with 40 years of experience)

Features & Benefits:-

> LCD display with LED’s

> 2 x RS232 communication port

> EPO: Emergency Power Off connector

> Remote alarms contacts and frequency converter

> PFC Circuit, active control and static bypass

> Slot for SNMP expansion or additional RS232


Alpha TRI-Power X33T uses online double conversion (VFI) technology where the load is always powered

by the inverter ensuring a filtered and stabilized sinusoidal voltage. Furthermore the input filters significantly

increase the immunity of the load to mains noise and lightning. TRI-Power is able to operate as an Eco Mode/

Line interactive UPS, and selection can be made manually or automatically. In automatic mode TRI-Power

uses the most efficient and cost effective way to protect the load, in accordance with the real-time conditions

of the mains. When the mains is stable, TRI-Power operates in Eco mode resulting in high energy savings and

efficiency jumping to 98%. When the mains voltage and frequency fluctuate outside present parameters, the

TRI-Power switches instantaneously to online operation to provide total protection. Not only from mainsfailure,

brownouts, sags, spikes but also from more subtle problems such as electrical noise and frequency instability.

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