Solar Power Diagram


Schematic Diagram of Basic Solar Power System

  1. Required Components:- Battery, Solar Panels, Charge Controller,  Inverter, Circuit Breaker Panel, Load Appliances (Light/Fan/TV…etc).

     2. Input Power to INVERTER:  (1) DC Voltage from Solar Panels, (2) DC Voltage from Batteries, (3) AC Voltage           from City Power (option), or (4) AC Voltage from Generators (option).

     3.  Output Power from INVERTER for Load (Light/Fan/TV..etc): 220VAC  50Hz.

     4. Function of Solar Panels: Those generate DC Voltage. Each segment of Solar Panel generate 17.0VDC (apox).

     5.  Function of a Charge Controller: DC-Voltage from Solar Panels pass through Charge Controller for DC-DC                conversion from 17.0VDC to 13.7VDC (apox) to Charge 12VDC each Battery.

     6.  Battery and Solar Panel Quantity and Capacity depends on requirement of Load (Watt) and Backup Time.

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