STS (Static Transfer Switch) MEDCOM


Static Transfer Switch (STS)

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Manufacturer: MEDCOM

Origin/Made in Poland.

STS = Static Transfer Switch


Input:  Auto select Between 2 independent Power Source.

Output :  to a Single Power line.

Input Power Rating:        Single Phase 230VAC 50Hz,

                                                Three Phase 400VAC 50Hz.

Output Power Current: 25A – 630A.

Efficiency: 99%,

Power Factor: 0.8,

TVSS: Built-in,

Overload Capacity: up to 1500%,

Remote Monitoring Module (SNMP): Optional,

Rack-mount (19”) / Free-standing: available or selectable.

Device Name & STS Switching type:-

SS – 1 phase 1 pole switching STS,

SSN – 1 phase 2 pole switching STS,

SST – 3 phase 3 pole switching STS,

SSTN – 3 phase 4 pole switching STS,


Short description:-

  1. Function of and STS: STS is designed to transfer electric supply between 2 independent AC Power input sources to a single output. Then do not require ATS at individual load level.
  2. Transfer Time: Transfer time of STS is 20 times faster (1/4 of a cycle) than a traditional ATS.
  3. STS creates parallel redundancy between 2 independent electric supply sources, viz., Utility, UPS & AC Power Generators.
  4. Transfer Switching is controlled by Fail-Safe CMOS Logic,


Standards applied and Conformity:-

EN 60950-1:2006,  PN-EN 60950-1:2007, EN 50178:1997, PN-EN 50178:2003,

IEC 60076-1:2011,  IEC 60146-1-1:2009, IEC 60146-1-2:2011, IEC 60529:2011,

IEC 60617-DB-12M:2012, IEC 60364-4-41:2005, IEC 60364-4-42: 2010,  EN 61000-6-2:2005,

PN-EN 61000-6-2:2008, EN 61000-6-4:2007, PN-EN 61000-6-4:2007,  EN 62310-1:2005,

PN-EN 62310-1:2008,  EN 62310-2:2006,  PN-EN 62310-2:2008


Legal note:-

Information published above in accordance with the web-published datasheet of the manufacturers of the brand/equipment MEDCOM STS, having product origin and product made in Poland.

We bear no responsibility for any error or omission in the text documents published above.


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