LiFePO4 Battery 48V-100AH 51.2V-100AH for Telecom application


LiFePO4 48V 51.2V Battery for Telecom / Solar Application with Inverter/Rectifier or with UPS in Server Room.

19″ Rack Module: 48V-100AH/200AH/300AH/400AH;

19″ Rack Module: 51.2V-100AH/200AH/300AH/400AH.

MOQ (Minimum Quantity Order): 50 units.

We are authorized distributor of China Origin Lithium Ion Battery and Lithium Ion Battery Compatible UPS in Bangladesh.

This type of Hi Voltage OR Hi Amp-Hour Battery available in –

Hi Ampere Cabinet: 48V/51.2V-400Ah to 1000Ah,


Hi Voltage Cabinet: 96V/192V/360V/384V – 200AH/300AH/400AH;

MOQ (Minimum Quantity Order): 10 units.

Cabinet with BMS and other customized capacity subject to order.

Batteries are of very good quality and long lasting design life 12~15 years (apox.).


Contact us for more details or formal order placing:

Phone / WhatsApp: +8801715954985,


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