LiFePO4 Battery 48V 100AH 200AH for Telecom application


Authorized Distributor and Business Partner of some world famous brand in Bangladesh.

Product: LiFePO4 Battery (Lithium Ion Battery).
Product Origin: CHINA (also EU/UK origin available).
Product Life Cycle: 15 years or so.
Product includes:-
  1. Modular type: 48V/51.2V 100AH/200AH…800AH Battery available.
  2. Cabinet type: 72V/96V/192V/384V in 50AH/100AH Battery available.
  1. 19” Rack module (48V) for Telecom Inverter/Rectifier.
  2. 19” Rack module (51.2V) for Solar Power Inverter.
  3. 42U Hi-Voltage Rack for UPS and storage power in Server Room.
  4. BESS/ESS Hi-Voltage storage power for industries/Railway, etc.
Contact us for project offer:-
Cell / WhatsApp: +8801715954985,
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