Emerson Vertiv Liebert ITA2 10kVA Online UPS Price in Bangladesh


BATTERY BANK (Left) (not imported)

Liebert ITA2 UPS (Right)

Emerson Vertiv Liebert ITA2 10kVA Online UPS – external battery type – 1 Hour Backup.

Brand: Emerson / Vertiv,  Origin: USA.

AC Power Rating: 1-phase IN / 1-phase OUT; 220VAC 50Hz.

DC (Battery) applied (240VDC): 12VDC /40Ah x 20 Pcs.

Backup time: 1 Hour.

( contact us for more backup time offer )

Updated on 28-Feb-2022

DATASHEET (please click to download):  Datasheet_Liebert ITA2 5-20kVA UPS

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Local Delivery Terms:-

(1) Delivery time: 2-3 days after PO, (2) Payment: 100% advance (bank deposit) with PO, (3) Delivery mode: Ex-stock Dhaka, (4) Transport/Install/Commissioning: Not included, (5) Warranty: 1 year (Limited), (6) UPS Price excluding NMC card. (7) Battery pack included.


In case of Official inquiry and confirm order – kindly allow us to submit our updated official offer subject to your official inquiry in Email at:-

Email-1: info@alphatech.com.bd,  OR    Email-2: alphatechbd.info@gmail.com


Call us for discussion:-  Cell / Whatsapp: +88 01715 954985

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