DC PDF (DC Power Distribution Frame) supplier in Bangladesh

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Telecom DC Power Distribution Frame (DC PDF) for Telecom Data-Center.

(The image is a considerable design, physical or actual presentation may vary somewhere)

Power: -48VDC 1000A/1500A/2000A dual Channel Output.

Applicable for:  Telecom Data-Center -48V DC Powered Equipment.

100% Customized Design – according to client demand.

Our -48V DC PDF usually consists of –

  1. Metal Fabricated Glass/Metal Door Cabinet, 600x800x2000/2200 mm.
  2. DC SPD (Surge Protector Device) at each input channels,
  3. DC Volt Meter and DC Current Meter,
  4. Central Display Monitor  LCD Touch Panel for monitoring mazor performance of the DC PDF including Voltage-Ampear-Alarms-Branch Fail and Alarm Logs, etc.
  5. CD Fuse at each DC input channels in Power Cabinet,
  6. Protection device at each branch of output MCB,
  7. Output provided in dual channel with MCB 2-Pole@100A each (or as required by client),
  8. Each Output MCB has (+)Positive and (-) Negative Connection.
  9. Output MCB branches are distinctly marked for Output-I and Output-II.

Contact us for any query OR purchase your required DC PDF for the Telecom Data-Center:

Email: info@alphatech.com.bd  /  alphatechbd.info@gmail.com

Cell / WhatsApp:  +88 01715 954985

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