Solar Inverter Champion SPV-Z 360W-1000W

Champion SPV-Z Series Solar Power System

Low Frequency Design

Pure Sine Wave Output

PWM Solar Controller

Solar /Main AC Hybrid system

SL Point of Specification   Particulars
1. Capacity : 360W – 1000W
2. Battery (DC system) : 12VDC (nominal), 24VDC (optional)
3. Charging mode : Solar Charging & AC mains Charging
4. Controller : 12.5VDC / 25.0VDC, 30A (max)
5. Hybrid Charging : Yes
6. USB Output : 5.0VDC / 2.0A
7. DC Output : 12VDC / 1.5A
8. AC mains Input : 145-275VAC, 48-54Hz (High-Low Cut to Inverter ON)
9. AC mains Output : 200-245VAC, 50Hz
10. Protection Capability : Input Hi-Lo Voltage, Overload, Short-circuit, Over Temperature

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