Champion CPTT 40KVA UPS (LF)


CHAMPION brand 40KVA Online UPS

SL Point of Specification Particulars of Specification
1 Name of equipment : CPTT series 40KVA Low Frequency 3P/3P True Online UPS
2 Brand Name : Champion
3 Country of Origin : China
4 Model No. : CPTT2040C (long run type)
5 Capacity (VA / Watt) : 40KVA / 32KW
6 AC Power System : 3phase 4W+G, 380VAC 50Hz
7 AC Input Power Rating : 380VAC 20% 50Hz (10%)
8 AC Output Power Rating : 380VAC 1% 50Hz
9 DC Input Power Rating : 384VDC (7Ah ~ 100Ah)
10 Backup time capability : More battery added – more power backup possible no limit
11 Dimension (L x W x H) : 950 x 850 x 1800 mm
12 Weight (Kgs)(only UPS unit) : Long run type: 480.0Kgs (with isolation transformer built-in)


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