Bravo ECI Telecom Modular Inverter by CE+T Power


Telecom Modular Inverter

Brand: CE+T Power

Model: Bravo ECI.

Origin: Belgium

Inverter Module size: 3kVA

Enclosure (Cabinet) size:  36kVA / 72kVA / 90kVA.

Can use part or full in any cabinet.

Can apply multiple module in the Enclosure Cabinet to increase output power according to End Users Demand.

Input 48VDC to Output 1-phase 230VAC 50Hz,

Input 48VDC to Output 3-phase 400VAC 50Hz,

Input 380VDC to Output 1-phase 230VAC/3-phase 400VAC 50Hz.

Configurable Enclosure Cabinet consist of –

Cabinet / Inverter Module / Control Unit / Display Module / Input & Output breakers and other components.

For further details –


Cell: +8801715954985


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