BESS-ESS Energy Storage System supplier in Bangladesh


Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Energy Storage System (ESS)

BESS/ESS is Plug & Play System, which includes:
  • LiFePO4 Battery Module,
  • PCS,
  • Control System,
  • STS (optional),
  • Fire Control System,
  • Temperature Control System,
  • Monitoring System,
The system is built-in with Charging and Dis-charging technology under a single enclosure.
The system is integrated with –
  • AC coupled micro-grid structure,
  • PCS,
  • Load,
  • Grid,
  • AC Bus,
  • Overall safety of the power supply.
LiFePO4 Battery Cluster consists of modules in series. Battery System is controlled by BCM for monitoring the cluster voltage and current in real time. It adopts BMM Control System to collect (1) Battery Voltage, (2) Battery Temperature, (3) Battery Equalization to ensure the module works efficiently and safely.

One of our Patented 168KWH BESS includes following features:

– 168KWH LiFePO4 Battery Modules,

– 60KW Inverter (3P4W 380/400/415VAC 50Hz) (other voltage can be customized),

– 60KW AC Battery Charger,

– AC Input / Output Bus Bar,

– 60KW Solar Charger,

– 60KW Solar Panel input Bus Bar (for Battery Charging),

– PCS for all above features and those priority and controls.

– Other Standard Features and Safety Measures.

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