APC Symmetra PX Modular Online UPS

APC Symmetra PX UPS

Dual Power input capable

SL Point of Specification Particulars of Specification
1 Name of equipment : APC Symmetra PX Online Modular UPS
2 Brand Name : APC by Schneider Electric
3 Manufacturer : APC by Schneider Electric
4 Model No. : Symmetra PX
5 Capacity (KW) : @ 16KW each power module can fit up to 10 power module
6 AC Input Power System : 3phase N+G, 340-477VAC (at Full Load), 40-70Hz.
7 AC Input Bypass Power Rating : 3phase N+G, 380/400/415VAC 50/60Hz.
8 AC Output Power Rating : 3phase N+G, 380/400/415VAC 50/60Hz.
9 DC Input Power Rating : To be confirmed
10 Backup time capability : To be confirmed
11 Net Weight / Dimension : To be confirmed

For detailed specification and datasheet compliance kindly send us required specification and detailed inquiry.

Inquiry hotline

eMail: info@alphatech.com.bd

Cell: +88 01715 954985

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