48VDC-220VAC Solar Inverter 800-8000Watt in Bangladesh


48VDC Inverter 3-way Input (DC-AC-Solar)

Manufacturers: BEAM TECH,   Origin: TAIWAN.

Power Input: Battery 48VDC + Solar 54V + AC 230V;

Power Output: 220/230VAC 50Hz.

Available Capacity: 800VA to 12000VA.

Can fit Battery up to 48VDC / 500Ah x 1 string.

We can supply and support to any big or small project.

Minimum quantity: applied..

  1. This special quality INVERTER have 3 type of power input and includes SOLAR Charger built-in.
  2. FUNCTION: Solar Inverter functions to invert DC Voltage to AC Voltage as received from Charge Controller – to run IT equipment and household Light/Fan/TV…etc.
  3.   CAPACITY: 800VA to 12kVA.

Contact us for further information and Price / Specification.

Email: info@alphatech.com.bd

Cell: +88 01715954985


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