Online UPS TRI POWER X33 20-80KVA


Alpha TRI-Power X33 Online Double Conversion UPS

Power: Input 3Phase (400VAC), Output 3 Phase (400VAC), 50/60Hz.

Capacity: 20KVA – 80KVA.

Brand: ALPHA,  Origin: Canada.

(a Global Company with 40 years of experience)

Features & Benefits:-

> Online, VFI-SS-111

> Static and maintenance bypass

> THD below 5%

> Efficiency up to 99%

> LCD panel with back lighting

> Interface card

> Up to 8 systems in parallel


The TRI-POWER X33 is a high performance 20-80kVA UPS system with redundant processor controlling and

modern fiber optic data transfer. The integrated intelligent Energie Management provides optimised efficiency

operation. The TRI-POWER X33 protects all loads and is up to 99% efficient. This UPS is specially designed for

telecom, industry and fire protecting applications.

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