2V Tubular Plated (OPzV) Industrial Gel Acid Battery Price in Bangladesh


OPzV series Tubular Plated Gel Acid Battery 2V, 300AH-3000AH


We are now Authorized and Exclusive Business Partner of Weida Power Company Limited., China – who are registered manufacturers of OPzV series Tubular Plated Battery, having capacity 2V 300AH to 3000AH.

Presenting: OPzV series Tubular Plated Gel Battery, 2V 300AH to 3000AH.

Battery Quality: Sealed Maintenance Free Gel acid Battery.

Field of Application-:-

1. Industrial DC Power Storage System,
2. Power Plant DC Power Storage System,
3. DC Power Storage for Solar Inverter System,
4. Telecommunication DC Power Storage System,
5. Railway DC Power Storage System,
6. Others.


Electrolyte type:           Gel Acid.
Available capacity:      2V, 300AH to 3000AH.
Self-discharge:              Approx. 2% per month at 20°C.
Ambient temperature:-
Discharge:        -40°C to 60°C.
Charge:            -15°C to 50°C.
Storage:            -15°C to 40°C.
Float Charge Voltage (20°C to 25°C):    2.25 – 2.29V.
Equalize Charge Voltage (20°C to 25°C): 2.35 – 2.40V.
Container Material: ABS.


The OPzV series adopts an Immobilized Gel and Tubular Positive Plate Technology. It offers high reliable and stable performance. By using die-casted positive grid and patented active material formula, it exceeds the DIN standard values and offers 20+ years design life in float service. It is very useful for cyclic use under extreme operation conditions.


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