OPzS Tubular Plated Industrial Battery Price in Bangladesh


OPzS series Tubular Plated Flooded Battery 2V, 300AH – 3000AH

We are now Authorized and Exclusive Business Partner of  Weida Power Company Limited., China – who are registered manufacturers of OPzS and OPzV series Tubular Plated Battery, having capacity 2V-300AH to 2V-3000AH.
Presenting: OPzS series Tubular Plated Flooded Battery, 2V 300AH to 3000AH.
Storage Power requirements suitable for all standby power applications that requires highest level of reliability and security.
Electrolyte type:           Diluted Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4),
Available capacity:      2V, 300AH to 3000AH.
Self-discharge:             Approx. 3% per month at 20°C.
Ambient temperature:-
Discharge:        -20°C to 60°C.
Charge:            -15°C to 50°C.
Storage:            -0°C to 25°C.
Float Charge Voltage (20°C to 25°C):    2.21 – 2.25V.
Equalize Charge Voltage (20°C to 25°C): 2.35 – 2.40V.
Container Material: SAN.
The OPzS series is a traditional tubular plate flooded battery which offers 20+ years design life according to the standard IEC60896-11. With a new design and technical improvement, it offers maximum efficiency and reliability for the widest variety of standby power applications.

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