Data Center MDC / MiDC Solution Provider in Bangladesh

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Micro IDC (Integrated Data-Center) Solution.

Alpha Technologies Ltd. is the Authorized Distributor of INVT brand Micro Data-Center (MDC) Solution/Modular Integrated Data Center (MiDC) Solution / Modular Data-Center (MDC) Solution provider in Bangladesh.

Brand: INVT.

Origin/Made: China.

i) Micro Integrated Data-Center (MiDC) Solution.

ii) Modular Integrated Data-Center (MiDC) Solution,

iii) Modular Data-Center (MDC) Solution.

Structure & Composition –

  • Dimension: 600 x 1200 x 2000 mm /cabinet (single OR multiple),

  • Web-Cam,

  • Infra-Red Detection,

  • 19″ Single Cabinet Control Module,

  • 19″ Rack Power Distribution Module,

  • 19″ Rack PDU (Power Distribution Unit),

  • ALARM System,

  • Intelligent Management and Monitoring Module,

  • Access Control System,

  • 19″ Rack Mountable Cooling System module,

  • 19″ Rack Mountable Battery Module OR apply external battery bank,

  • 19″ Rack Mountable UPS module (3kVA/6kVA/10kVA……)

  • All features integrated in a single 19″ cabinet system..

  • Great Space Saving Opportunity in Data-Center Floor and all-in-one solution..


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Cell/WhatsApp: +8801715954985

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