INVT VFD Inverter for Industrial Automation


Goodrive20 series Vector Control Inverter (VFD) for Industrial Automation.
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Brand: INVT®

Origin/Made: China.

Product Introduction

Goodrive20 series inverters features excellent drive and control performance for using of sensorless vector control technology and improve usability and reliability for the enriched hardware configurations, software functions and meeting various industrial applications.

Features include

  • Built-in Safety Torque Off Function,
  • C3 and C2 Filters,
  • Support of excellent keypad,
  • Pluggable design for cooling fans, making maintenance easy;
  • DC Reactors are built-in inverters for 18.8KW and above,
  • The braking unit is built-in and standard for inverters >37KW and below 45KW and optional for 45 to 110KW,
  • Inverters of 380V, 4KW and above supports DC bus sharing solution.



  • Textile Machinery,
  • Food Machinery,
  • Plastic Machinery,
  • Printing & Packaging,
  • Environmental Protection Equipment,
  • Ceramic Equipment,
  • Wood Working Equipment,
  • Conveying Equipment,
  • Air Compressor,
  • Cable Machinery,
  • Etc……


Technical Specification

Power:    1Ph 220V -240V / 3Ph 220V-240V / 3Ph 380 – 440V.

Frequency Output: 0 – 400Hz.

Technical Control Features:

  • Control mode: SVPWM, SVC;
  • Adjustable Speed Ratio: 1:100;
  • Speed Control Accuracy: +/-0.2% (SVC),
  • Speed Fluctuation: +/-0.3% (SVC),
  • Torque Response: <20ms (SVC),
  • Torque Control Accuracy: 10%,
  • Starting Torque: 5Hz/150% (SVC),
  • Overload Capacity: 150% of rated current: 1 minute,

180% of rated Current: 10 seconds,

200% rated of Current: 1 second.


  • Peripheral Interface: Analog Input:       1(A/2) 0-10V/0-20mA and 1(A/3) -10 ~ 10V;

Analog Output:    2(A01, A02) 0-10V/0-20mA,

Digital Input:        4 common inputs, the Max. Frequency: 1kHz;

1 high speed input, the Max. Frequency: 50kHz.

Digital Output:     1 Y 1 terminal output;

Relay Output:      2 programmable relay outputs.

R01A NO, R01B NC, R01C common terminal.

R02A NO,  R02B NC, R02C common terminal.

Contractor Capacity: 3A/AC250V.


* Others: Mountable type:  Wall and Rail mountable.

Braking unit:        Embeded.

EMI Filter:        Optional Filter meet the degree requirement of IEC61800-3 C2,

Ambient Temp.:      -10 – 50 deg. C. Above 40 deg. C,

derate 1% for every additional 1 deg.C,

Altitude:       <1000m, >1000m, derate 1% for every additional 100m.

Protective deg.:        IP20.

Safety:         Meet the requirement of CE.

Cooling:         Fan cooling.

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