Forklift Traction Battery Price in Bangladesh


Forklift Traction Battery:

Traction Battery for Forklift. Supply available for all kinds of DC Powered Forklift / BT Truck / Vehicle, etc.

Capacity (Voltage): 80V / 60V / 48V / 24V, etc.

Capacity (AH): 465Ah /480Ah / 690AH / 775AH, etc.

Battery series: PZS and PZB.

Example of model no(s): 48V-3PZS465, 48V-5PZS775, 48V-6PZS690, 48V-10PZB600, 80V-4PZS480; etc.

Battery Cell Type: Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion.

Lead Acid Battery:  Traction power generated up to 800% of rated capacity for 5 seconds.


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