12V VRLA SMF AGM UPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

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  • VRLA = Valve Regulated Lead Acid.
  • SMF = Sealed Maintenance Free.
  • SLA = Sealed Lead Acid.


12V-7Ah, 12V-9Ah, 12V-12Ah, 12V-18Ah, 12V-26Ah, 12V-40Ah, 12V-65Ah, 12V-70Ah, 12V-80Ah, 12V-100Ah, 12V-120Ah, 12V-150Ah, 12V-200Ah.

DOWNLOAD Product Datasheet:

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-200Ah_DJ12-200

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-150Ah_DJ12-150

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-120Ah_DJ12-120

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-100Ah_DJ12-100

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-70Ah_DJ12-70

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-40Ah_DJ12-40

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-26Ah_DJ12-26

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-18Ah_DJ12-18

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-9Ah_DJ12-9

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-7Ah_DJ12-7

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-12Ah_DJ12-12

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-65Ah_DJ12-65

Datasheet_Dongjin SMF Battery_12V-80Ah_DJ12-80

-:: Contact us for Prices and Availability ::-

Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) applies:

12V-7/9Ah: 200 pcs,

12V-12Ah: 150 pcs,

12V-18/26Ah: 100 pcs,

12V-40Ah: 60 pcs,

12V-70/80Ah: 50 pcs,

12V-100Ah: 40 pcs,

12V-120/150Ah: 32 pcs,

12V-200Ah: 20 pcs.

-:: Delivery Terms/Conditions ::-

(1) Delivery time: Ready stock 2-3 working days after PO and Payment Confirmation, (2) Payment: 100% advance in Bank A/c deposit immediately after PO issued, (3) Warranty Period: 6 months for capacity below 40Ah, 12 months for capacity 40Ah and above, (4) Point of Delivery: Our Ex-stock Dhaka Office.

Contact us for PRICE and AVAILABILITY:

Cell/WhatsApp: +8801715954985,
Email: info@alphatech.com.bd   |    alphatechbd.info@gmail.com
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