Champion EP series Low Frequency Power Inverter

China Champion EP series Inverter Specification

Low Frequency Design

Pure Sine Wave Output

Bid LCD Display

With 5-15A Charger

SL Point of Specs   Particulars
1. Capacity : 1KW – 6KW
2. AC Input Rating : 180-265VAC, 47-53 Hz (Hi-Lo cut to Battery mode ON)
3. AC Output Rating : 230VAC 50Hz
4. Output Wave Form : Pure Sine Wave
5. Overload Capability : Yes
6. Short Circuit Protection : Yes
7. DC Voltage : 12VDC to 48VDC
8. Charging Current : 5A-15A (regular),  45A (optional)

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Cell: 01715-954985, 01678-712601.

Land line: 02-9121081.

Skype: r.n.karmaker


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