APC Rack ATS AP7723 (8-port) – AP7724 (16-port) – AP4424 (16-PORT)


APC Rack ATS AP7724


APC Rack ATS AP7723 (8-port) 16Amp /

APC Rack ATS AP7724 (16-port) 32Amp /

APC Rack ATS AP4424 (16-port) 32Amp.

Input:     Dual Phase automatic switching between 2 independent power sources from UPS/Genset;

Output:  Single Phase output to Load at PC / Server or sensitive IT equipment.

Brand: APC by Schneider Electric,

Origin: France,

Model: AP7723 (8-ports) / AP7724 (16-ports),

Power: 230VAC 50/60Hz,

Input Current: 8-ports: 16A / 16-ports: 32A,

Form Factor: 2U (Rack Standard),

Input Socket: IEC309 32A,

Output Socket: C13 & C19.

Input Circuit Breaker: YES,

Current Meter: YES,

On Unit Display: YES.

Click to link  below for DATASHEET PDF File:

 APC Rack ATS AP7723-AP7724 Catalog

APC Rack ATS AP4424 Catalog


For further queries, availability, datasheet and/or Price Offer:

email: info@alphatech.com.bd,

Phone: 02-9121081, 01715-954985.

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