1K-2K SineWave UPS – 48VDC


1000VA Sine Wave UPS – 48VDC (Long Backup).

2000VA Sine Wave UPS – 48VDC (Long Backup).

Brand: King Power,

Long Backup Type,

Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave.


2018-Summer Offer:

Special discount applied on our published rate with 1 year full Warranty.

SL Point of Specification   Particulars of Specification
1 Name of equipment : Long Backup Sine Wave UPS
2 Brand Name : King Power
3 Country of Origin : Taiwan
4 Model  No. : SSpro-1000L / SSpro-2000L  (LCD Display)
5 Capacity (VA / Watt) : 1KVA / 2KVA
6 AC Power System : 1phase 2W+G, 220VAC 50Hz
7 AC Input Power Rating : 160-260VAC, 50Hz ±25%
8 AC Output Power Rating : 220VAC ±6% 50Hz
9 DC Input Power Rating : 48VDC/40-120AH  (Pkg Price based on Battery AH )
10 Backup time capability : Depends on Load applied and Battery Volume added
11 2018 – Summer Offer

(can use as Inverter with 48VDC Rectifier – for DC Voltage to AC Voltage  generation)

:  Unit Price of UPS without battery(s):

  1. with warranty: 1KVA @Tk.16,500.00

2. without warranty: 1KVA @Tk.14,500.00

3. with warranty: 2KVA @ Tk.26,500.00

4. without warranty: 2KVA @Tk.24,500.00

  • Local delivery applicable,
  • Call us OR send SMS for Discounted Special Price until stock exists,
  • 100% Automatic Switching between Mains & Battery mode,
  • Built-in Battery Charger,
  • No setup cost.

For detailed specification and datasheet compliance – kindly send us required specification and detailed inquiry.

Inquiry hotline

eMail: info@alphatech.com.bd   

Cell: +88 01715 954985

Skype: r.n.karmaker


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