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Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Company Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Established in the year: 1997.

Registered in the Joint Stock Company: on 22th May, 1997.

Registered with VAT Authority: on 04th November, 1997.

Registered with TAX Authority: in the year 1997.

Registered with IRC authority:in the year 1997.

Registered with Director General of Defense Purchase (DGDP): in the year 2011.

Registered member in the Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS).

Company business type: IMPORT & SUPPLY of Electrical & Electronics Machinery/Equipment for providing Power and Cooling solution as per demand of the Clients and/or End Users.

Above documentary information are provided as per authenticity approved by respective Govt. Authority / Organization and supported by issued certificate in our company favor.

We can produce those documents to any proper authority on demand.

Product Range under sales and service: UPS, IPS, AVR, Inverter, ATS, STS, PDU, Network Equipment/Accessories for IT / Industrial and Commercial use.

Information provided by –

Managing Director of Alpha Technologies Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Contact us at eMail: info@alphatech.com.bd, alphatechbd.info@gmail.com

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